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Don’t forget to keep the fun in marketing…

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Don’t forget to keep the fun in marketing…

 We attended an event in London this week for Tech Professionals and Tech Marketers called Spiceworld 2016, run by the fun people from Spiceworks. I have to say that the event intrigued me, I mean to say, an event for both IT Pros and Tech Marketers together, how in the world would that work!! Having attended this week, I can now understand the value in putting these two distinct functions (and personalities) together in one place and also why it suits Spiceworks to do just that.

I have to say that we did not learn much new tech marketing stuff of value, which was disappointing because that is why we paid to go. However, we did pick up a few useful reminders, stuff we know but sometimes forget. So in a way it was worthwhile us going along, just to be reminded of some best practise and some things that just get lost along the way. In no particular order here are some of the key takeaways we at CMO Centre took away.

  • Remember that your target audience are human beings too, they are not aliens or super heros, just people like you and me with problems that they need to solve like you and me.
  • We are marketing to people not personas. It is good to have a set of personas but also remember that behind each persona are often very different and unique people.
  • That although we increasingly look to market our tech solutions to the business function to whom we think they are appropriate we shouldn’t ever forget that IT are the gatekeepers of almost all technology purchases and can if they don’t like what we have veto the decision.
  • IT and business strategy are no longer separate they have become inseparable – and we need to recognise this and build marketing campaigns that span both IT and the business functions we are looking to help.
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  • IT pros like simple interactive content, not long fluffy white papers but easy to consume information, technical information and they like to find out the truth so they use forums and colleagues and trusted relevant sources to find out everything so there is little point trying to hide the not so good stuff, it is better to confront it and ensure that the good things outweigh the not so good.
  • IT pros like technical content, yes I know we tend to avoid this because as marketers we don’t like technical content but if our target market is technical then we need to provide them with the bits and bytes information that helps them to make a business decision. They also like business versions of content so that they can convince the rest of the business in the language the business understands – so create 2 versions of content, one technical and one business.
  • When our target audience has identified a problem that they need to solve they will research the options to solve that problem at that time. Until they have that problem they are really not interested however they do value being educated by trusted sources (not sold to) and will look to recognised brands in their research if they are relevant for solving that particular problem – so we need to make sure that we are on the long list.
  • IT pros hate being told that they need something, they like to make the decision that they need something themselves.

And finally and I think almost most importantly………

Don’t forget to make marketing fun.

People respond better to fun or quirky (although beware your ideas are not silly). Fun marketing is more memorable, it brings a smile to peoples faces, it makes their day more interesting and it is likely to put you and your brand in a more trusted and favourable position.

So on that final point and in the ethos of making marketing fun I leave you with a great quote to bear in mind.

Make Marketing Fun

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