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Working with SSP

Providing Strategic Marketing Support to SSP’s Insurer Division through Integrated Marketing.

CMO Centre provides Strategic Marketing Support to SSP’s Insurer Division through Integrated Marketing

Mini Case Study

CMO Centre started working with SSP in 2010 in a strategic advisory capacity. For the first 2 years we supported the evolution of the marketing team to an analytical lead generation focused strategy built on measurable targets. We focused the work around a CRM database and delivered integrated cross channel marketing campaigns with clear KPIs. Since 2011 CMO Centre has delivered full lead generation support services within the UK and for campaigns in South Africa, delivering to target every month. More recently we have delivered content generation, data profiling in addition to the strategic marketing support and ongoing lead generation.

CMO Centre provided an experienced, interim, part-time Marketing Director for Eagle Eye when they needed one.

Detailed Case Study

The Background

SSP for Insurers is a division of SSP the premier provider of IT solutions to the global insurance and financial services industries with more than 50,000 users across 50 countries. SSP is an insurance technology domain expert with a range of solutions to suit the range of insurance business anywhere in the world. The insurer division has over 240 customers worldwide (including 8 of the top 10 UK insurers and 4 of the global top 10 insurers) using leading edge solutions to support their end to end  processes indelivering insurance products successfully.

The Project


SSP approached CMO Centre initially to provide strategic support. The need was to evolve what was back in 2010, a very traditional event driven marketing tactics into a more proactive and measurable lead generation based strategy around the delivery of integrated cross channel campaigns. CMO Centre initially delivered the strategy and process to guide SSP – The Vision.

Within 12 months of the initial engagement CMO Centre was asked to deliver a broader solution from strategy, process through to operational delivery (The Works) supported by the internal SSP marketing and sales functions. Since April 2011 CMO Centre has worked with theinsurer division to create a global marketing strategy, craft a marketing plan and support the delivery of that plan with creative marketing expertise, operational experience and tactical lead generation through integrated campaign delivery.


Results Driven Marketing

The initial phase of that plan was a number of  integrated campaigns delivered to targeted segments within the UK insurance sector. In the first few weeks this campaign achieved the target number of marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) and added a quantity of warm leads  to nurture. Within  3 months over 12 MQL’s had been accepted by sales as sales qualified leads (SQL’s). Campaign examples in box out.

Each integrated campaign created spans the range of marketing channels – direct mail/email/telemarketing/web/events/PR/hospitality/social media by delivering a consistent theme with thought leadership and& value added content to very targeted contacts over a long period of time. The goal has been to build and successfully nurture prospects over the longer term in an environment where large scale technology solutions are critical to the business but are not replaced often. Ensuring SSP is front of mind when a new solution is required and is perceived as the lead supplier will deliver long term benefits. Campaign examples in box out.

CMO Centre works with SSP to define the numbers of leads that are required each year to ensure that the pipeline ratios are maintained and the revenue targets are met. CMO Centre works on a very analytical basis working back from the strategic business goals to the numbers of leads needed and delivers integrated campaign activity to support those objectives.

An important part of has been the implementation of a KPI report built in conjunction with the SSP Sales and Marketing teams to illustrate successes and to highlight where campaigns are perhaps not delivering at the expected levels to enable decisions to be made. This report is used to both highlight success but also to show where specific tactics are perhaps not optimised and decisions can be made to amend the campaign plan to improve results.


More recently CMO Centre has been supporting content creation and advising on Marketing Database management and PR strategy and execution. Existing campaigns now successful in the UK market are being adapted for Africa and Asia Pacific. We are delivering the target number of MQL’s per month against clear campaign objectives. CMO Centre continues to work in both an operational delivery role providing telemarketing follow up activity for campaigns and in a strategic advisory capacity.

Caroline Newman-Belshaw, Senior Marketing Manager, SSP I approached CMO Centre to help adapt the marketing strategy within the SSP Insurer Division because we were spending lots of marketing money but had no way of measuring the success of that spend. The CMO Centre consultants have delivered us with a completely integrated process that is delivering measurable results on an ongoing basis. We chose CMO Centre because they had huge experience in the enterprise software solutions marketplace, they are experienced marketers who have worked in and with companies like ours and they offered the combination of strategic and operational support that we needed.”

Box Out – MGA in a box – a completely integrated campaign targeting the MGA sector of approximately 100 companies in the UK. A clever box dm piece was initially sent with a letter and call to actions to visit a campaign microsite to download various educational content. The DM was followed up by intelligent telemarketing, targeted email activity and a seminar. (show campaign imagery)

Box Out – Blended Data – an integrated campaign introducing the concept of “Right data” within the top tier insurance sector. This was an integrated campaign that illustrated to Insurers that are challenged by the volumes and types of of data available to them highlighting the strengths of the SSP offering. The campaign ran over a 8 month period using DM, digital marketing, events, PR and lead gen and generated a number of MQL’s and warm leads that continue to be nurtured in a market with a very long sales cycle.

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