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Please Stop Cold Calling.

Nothing is worse than being stopped in the middle of something important to answer a call from an unknown number, only to realise it’s an unexpected, irritating sales call (with extremely bad timing). What’s worse is that usually the call is completely irrelevant to your day. This is just one of a long line of reasons that cold calling is…

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Why Video is critical to B2B Marketing

I worked on my first marketing video back in about 1991 when as a Product Marketing Manager for ICL (used to be the biggest UK Computer company now Fujitsu) we were looking for innovative ways to promote our leading edge Document Image Processing solutions. We crafted a lovely product video showing the product features and benefits. The video required lots…

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Why we need to look after our customer data [Part 2]

Processing power is getting cheaper all the time so we can analyse all of the data and be really accurate. Marketing automation solutions are readily available and can be put in place to analyse the data for us to drive & automate marketing next-best action decisions. The bad news is that privacy issues and security around holding data are becoming…

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Why we must look after our data [Part 1]

Until the advent of the Internet the only data we had was company name, address and telephone number, business data that was all held in the local yellow pages.  That was back then. It’s all change now, as B2B marketers, we have to think about personalising our messages to the segment of one, marketing to people as individuals. We need…

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Make Marketing Fun - CMO Centre

Don’t forget to keep the fun in marketing…

 We attended an event in London this week for Tech Professionals and Tech Marketers called Spiceworld 2016, run by the fun people from Spiceworks. I have to say that the event intrigued me, I mean to say, an event for both IT Pros and Tech Marketers together, how in the world would that work!! Having attended this week, I…

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