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The SMART Strategy (B2B Digital Marketing)

B2B Digital Marketing Success: Keep a focus on the overall strategy and set clear objectives

Keep a focus on the overall strategy and set clear objectives When implementing a digital marketing campaign it is essential that it is part of your overall B2B Marketing Strategy and that it is linked to ‘SMART’ objectives. Most of you will already be aware of the objective setting acronym, but for those who need a quick refresher, ‘SMART’…

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Startup Bootcamp Insurtech

Startup Bootcamp InsurTech Demo Day Thursday 14 April

CMO Centre have been actively supporting the InsurTech Startup Bootcamp 2016 cohort with B2B Marketing and Lead Generation advice where needed  and we are looking forward to being at demo day to see how they have all progressed. It has been a pleasure working with these early stage businesses who have been through an intense process of preparation for growth…

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Working with Onyx Group

CMO Centre works closely with the Marketing and Sales teams in Onyx to deliver quality sales leads that generate business revenue.  We work on a part-time basis on marketing strategy, content creation, demand generation and more recently PR strategy and implementation,. The combined services support the in-house Onyx marketing team to deliver high quality campaigns and lead generation through appointments for the…

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Lead Management

Lead / Prospect Management and a few thoughts..

A few thoughts about lead management….. It always amazes me that whilst many companies spend good money on marketing budgets which in turn results in the creation of Marketing Qualified Leads and opportunities, very few of those companies spend time or have the tools or quality processes in place to manage these leads end to end through the…

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Data Transfer CMO Centre

Marketing and the ‘Big Data’ Conundrum

Until the advent of the Internet, Marketing was all about the brand, product awareness and sales promotions. The wider you could spread your message to the masses, the better.  It reminds me of the old Proctor & Gamble quote,   “I know that 50% or my marketing budget works,…

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